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Full Curriculum: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/acre/standards/support-tools/unpacking/science/earth.pdf

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CURRENT EVENTS ARTICLES! :-) Remember, if you're using these for extra credit, be sure to choose articles that (1) were published within the last week and (2) are on earth-environmental topics, not just general science. :-)
--> Newsela - articles from various sources
...This link takes you straight to their science articles, but there are all sorts of topics available.
--> NPR Science section
...This link takes you to their science articles, but you can further browse by science topic (environment, energy, etc).

Instructions for Bonus Current Events Articles:
  1. Find an article that's on an earth-environmental topic and was published in the last week.
  2. Print the article.
  3. Highlight and/or annotate the article for key points.
  4. Write a Written Response to the article: (a) minimum of 5 good summary sentences about the article's key points and (b) minimum of 5 good reflection sentences. For the reflection, you may wish to answer something like the following prompts: What do you think about this? Why is it important? What should be done in response? Does this concern you, and why? Do you have any further questions on the topic?
  5. Staple your written response to your article and submit to Mrs. Toth. Only hardcopies are accepted.
  6. You may submit one each week, due on Fridays, if you want. Each one counts as a 10-point test grade.

Additional Extra Credit Options: DUE MONDAY 4/13/15.
These are in addition to the regular weekly extra credit article analysis assignments, as explained above. So, you may submit one of the following assignments in addition to a regular current events article in one week, if you like. They count as a 15-point formal test assignment.
If you choose this one, follow the normal instructions outlined above in the 6 steps.
If you choose this one, read the article and answer the questions in the PDF document. Do not do an additional article analysis.

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